21 Ultimate Gifts: Sparkling Suite

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Every woman knows the value of versatility in a wardrobe, and she knows the value of having spectacular diamond jewelry in her collection. This remarkable suite of diamond-and-platinum jewelry delivers both. It consists of a necklace, a brooch, a bracelet, and ear pendants that contain a staggering amount of white diamonds—more than 452 carats in all.

The 15-inch necklace contains 110 oval-, marquise-, and pear-shaped stones, with a total weight of 167.74 carats. The diamond flower brooch was created with an emerald-cut diamond pistil surrounded by petals of round, marquise-, and pear-shaped stones on a baguette-cut stem with pear-shaped leaves. The floral theme extends to the 7-inch bracelet, which displays a sparkling blossom of gems at its center. The diamond ear pendants are graced with three cascades of oval- and pear-shaped diamonds dangling beneath clusters of stones cut into the same shapes.

Jewelry suites allow the wearer to don the number of glittering accessories that best reflects her mood or best suits the occasion, but this suite offers more flexibility than most. The necklace comes with the 23-carat pear-shaped pendant, but it can be removed and replaced with the blooming head of the brooch or worn on its own. The triple cascades on each of the ear pendants are detachable as well, further enhancing the wearer’s freedom to shine just as brightly or subtly as she desires.


Price: $15 million.

Contact: Siegelson, 212.593.1442, privatecollection@siegelson.com

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