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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at How John Hardy’s Jewelry Is Crafted

In New York, expert Balinese craftsmen share secrets of how each intricate design is created…

Ular Pelangi cobra cuff ($42,000) and the Rantai Hutan cuff ($12,000)

In November, when the John Hardy ( jewelry company opens its two-story flagship location in Manhattan, visitors will be able to view Balinese craftspeople using wax carving, chain weaving, and other generations-old techniques to create the brand’s intricate designs. The presentation is part of the company’s Artisans in Residence series, an ongoing exhibition that will showcase the skills involved with making pieces such as the two shown here: the Ular Pelangi cobra cuff ($42,000) and the Rantai Hutan cuff ($12,000). These one-of-a-kind gem-covered designs are part of the company’s Cinta collection, which is named after the Balinese word for “love.”

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