De Beers’ Diamond Dream

Inspired by the mythical Valley of Diamonds, De Beers has unveiled a 13-piece high jewelry collection featuring exotic cobras, a Komodo dragon, and a dramatic diamond-studded phoenix. The new pieces are part of the brand’s effort to create unique jewelry that reflects not only the inherent beauty of diamonds, but also the rich heritage and significance of the stones over time. The mythological tale is of a mysterious and beautiful Indian valley laden with diamonds, but guarded by walls of fire, birds of prey, and snakes. Only the almighty phoenix, it was believed, could capture a diamond and bestow it upon a person of pure heart and spirit. To evoke the ancient spirit of the fable, De Beers’ designer Raphaele Canot combined rough and faceted diamonds in shades of brown, yellow, and white. The king cobra ring, shown, features a 7.62-carat rough brown diamond set among more than 15 carats of diamonds. The collection, available through De Beers, ranges from $30,000 to $200,000. (800.929.0889,

?Jill Newman

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