Icons & Innovations: Tiffany & Co.: Designer Genes

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Jean Schlumberger:Hailed as one of the 20th century’s great artisans, the late Jean Schlumberger is eternally linked to Tiffany & Co. While serving as vice president from 1956 until his death in 1987, Schlumberger produced some of his most imaginative designs, including brooches depicting jeweled jellyfish and dolphins, and elaborate gem-studded floral-themed pieces. By re-creating his designs for the modern era, Tiffany caters to its Schlumberger collectors while cultivating a new audience of jewelry aficionados.


Paloma Picasso: Paloma Picasso brought an exuberant new spirit to Tiffany when she unveiled her first collection for the company in 1980. Her signature style is expressed in innovative graffiti-like shapes and large-scale pieces featuring exotic colored gemstones in striking combinations. 


Elsa Peretti: Elsa Peretti’s minimalist, organically shaped jewelry designs were introduced in 1974 and soon came to represent a new movement in everyday, modern jewelry that appeals to women across cultures and ages. The Italian designer has created one best-selling collection after another, using motifs such as beans, hearts, and snakes, as well as modern mesh designs and versatile gem-set chains called Diamonds by the Yard.

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