Private Preview 2005: Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection

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Extraordinary results were anticipated when Bulgari and the Leviev Group  joined forces, and the partnership between the two international powerhouses is delivering on those expectations by producing a treasure trove of sensational, one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Through this joint venture with the prominent diamond dealer, Bulgari—renowned for its contemporary, colorful, and sensual style—has direct access to a cache of diamonds that includes rare, fancy colored stones from Leviev’s mines in Angola, Namibia, and Russia.


The fruits of the new relationship will be evident in 350 singular pieces that will dramatically enhance Bulgari’s High Jewelry Collection over the course of the next year. “A year from now, when our clients enter a Bulgari boutique, they will discover a large selection of exceptional-quality diamonds, including reds, pinks, blues, and greens,” says Bulgari CEO Francesco Trapani.


Bulgari returns to its high jewelry roots with this array of over-the-top, glamorous designs accented with colored gems and noteworthy diamonds. One such piece that will be unveiled next year is a flowing necklace comprising 49 drop and round brilliant-cut diamonds set in a circular pattern. A Bulgari artisan will spend at least four months setting the gemstones in white gold to create a flexible, supple necklace that reflects the jeweler’s signature style.

Bulgari also plans to create an assemblage of designs featuring rare, natural-color diamonds, including a recently completed shield-shaped ring that is set with a 1.33-carat deep blue, a 1.13-carat vivid purplish-pink, and a 1.13-carat vivid yellow diamond. Trapani says that the lavish ring, valued at approximately $2 million, is just one example of Bulgari’s new direction.



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