FrontRunners August 2014: WATCHES & JEWELRY


The charm bracelet can be one of the most expressive forms of jewelry, enabling a woman to wear gold and gemstone figures that represent family, careers, hobbies, and other defining elements of her life. Lately though, designers and jewelry houses have been creating charm bracelets in signature styles that reference their own histories. The Harry Winston charms (above right; include miniature versions of the brand’s engagement rings, logo, and seal; prices are available upon request. The $12,400 Elizabeth Locke bracelet (top; features smaller versions of the brand’s neoclassical designs that incorporate Venetian glass intaglio, South Sea pearls, antique coins, and carved moonstones. The $18,550 Seaman Schepps Icons charm bracelet (above left; celebrates the brand’s history with a quintet of familiar designs: the malachite turtle, turbo shell, lapis cage, walnut chessman, and turquoise sea horse.