The Three Most Important Jewelry Trends for Spring and Summer

From daring to delicate, jewelry insider Katerina Perez pinpoints the latest jewelry trends for 2016…


Over the course of the last fashion season, we have seen jewelry getting bigger and bigger. Now it appears we have reached the limit of statement necklaces with pendants that cover the whole chest, earrings that expand far beyond the size of the earlobe, and cuff bracelets that cover the whole wrist. For the 2016 spring/summer season, it looks like pieces are getting smaller.

The main reason is that fashion is becoming less intricate. Instead of prints, we are seeing monochrome fabrics in a variety of different textures and shades, with clear-cut silhouettes increasingly favored over multiple layers. It is a clear shift toward minimalist, finessed styles. But whatever the ebb and flow of fashion, it is worth keeping in mind that the point of jewelry is to emphasize your own individual style, which need not necessarily be what the fashion gurus tell you is in for the upcoming season. Here are the top three jewelry trends for spring 2016.

Katerina Perez is an international jewelry reporter based in London. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of