A Top Jeweler’s Tips for Buying Diamonds [SLIDESHOW]


“Diamonds are to women what cars are to men. It is a statement about who they are, how successful they have been, and how they see their future,” says John Green, who is the fourth-generation family member to head Lux Bond & Green jewelry stores. Established by his great-grandfather in 1898, today the family has seven stores, including locations in West Hartford, Westport, and Greenwich, Conn., as well as in Boston.

Diamonds remain the most popular jewelry pieces at Lux Bond & Green, and many clients come to Green for guidance when shopping for a diamond. He is more concerned with helping them find a stone and design that satisfies their individual needs and style, rather than the most expensive stone. “I really don’t care how expensive it [the diamond] is, but I care deeply on how beautiful it looks on the wearer,” says Green.

Here, Green shares five useful tips to keep in mind when diamond shopping. (lbgreen.com)