World’s Most Expensive Pair of Earrings Sell in Geneva

May 16, Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels, Geneva

After a tense back-and-forth between in-the-room and telephone bidders, the world’s most expensive pair of earrings was sold to an as-yet unidentified international buyer. Dubbed the Apollo Blue and Artemis Pink, each earring was auctioned off separately; the 14.5-carat fancy vivid blue diamond drop earring went for just over $42 million and minutes later the same buyer locked down the corresponding 16-carat fancy intense pink diamond earring for $15.34 million after a rousing battle with a bidder in the room. The sale of both designs to the same buyer makes them the world’s most expensive earrings, at $57.4 million.

This auction and those of the past few years prove that the interest in colored diamonds continues to grow, garnering exceedingly high numbers at auction and breaking all previous records. (

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