21 Ultimate Gifts: Best of Britain

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Three of Savile Row’s finest custom tailors—Henry Poole & Co., H. Huntsman & Sons, and Richard Anderson—and one of London’s most esteemed bespoke shoemakers, G.J. Cleverley, have united their extraordinary talents to offer an incomparable wardrobe. Each tailor will assemble a selection of limited edition garments that represents its distinct style, from classic to updated traditional to contemporary.

Henry Poole, a Savile Row pioneer with a client list that reads like a page from Burke’s Peerage, is offering five handmade single-breasted suits, a single-breasted sport coat, one double-breasted blazer, and an elegant topcoat made from cashmere/mink, wool barathea cloth, Golden Bale wool, or Khan Cashmere doeskin. A second single-breasted sport coat will come in a house check fashioned from lambswool and cashmere. Six Sea Island Cotton shirts, a crested silk necktie, and signature crested cuff links will complete the Poole package. The price for the Poole gift starts at $30,000.

H. Huntsman, renowned for its worsted wools and Scottish tweeds, will craft exclusive charcoal gray and blue pin-dot fabrics into two handmade suits. The company’s bespoke offering will also include a coat collection consisting of a custom tweed sport coat, a velvet smoking jacket, a vicuña topcoat, and a silk rain jacket. A dozen hand-tailored shirts, coordinating hand-slipped neckties, and a cashmere dressing gown will also be included. The starting price for the Huntsman gift is $78,400.

Anderson, the first bespoke tailor to open a signature shop on the Row in 25 years, will demonstrate how a Savile Row veteran puts a contemporary spin on the traditional pin-striped suit. One suit will be woven from superfine wool and 22-karat gold. Another will have the customer’s name woven into the wool/cashmere blend. And a third will weave wool with lapis lazuli, a vivid blue stone. (The stone will be ground to a powder, which will be used to dye thread that will be woven into cloth.) Anderson will extend his modern touch to his Super 200 guanaco/cashmere suit, vicuña blazer, Altai cashmere sport coat, five handmade dress shirts, and matching gold and lapis lazuli/platinum cuff links. The price of Anderson’s offering starts at $131,200.

You will complete your Best of Britain wardrobe with footwear from G.J. Cleverley, which made its name fitting such fastidious style icons as Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, and Cary Grant. Owners George Glasgow and John Carneras will fit you twice (at a six-month interval to ensure that the shoe fits properly before the final stitch work is completed) for six pairs of custom-made shoes: two black business lace-ups, one black loafer, one brown calf lace-up, and one brown calf and one suede casual shoe. You can customize the shoes from a selection of 80 styles and hundreds of alternate leather and color options. Each pair will be fitted with hand-carved shoe trees. The starting price of the Cleverley package is $12,000.


Price: The complete package starts at $250,000. It can be purchased in whole or in part. If you are interested in purchasing the complete gift,

you should contact each company individually.

Contacts: G.J. Cleverley, +44.20.7493.0443, www.gjcleverley.com;

Henry Poole & Co., +44.20.7734.5985, www.henrypoole.com;

H. Huntsman & Sons, +44.20.7734.7441, www.h-huntsman.com;

Richard Anderson, +44.20.7734.0001, www.richardandersonltd.com

The fittings can take place in London or at a location of your choice. (The tailors and the shoemaker visit the United States on a fairly regular basis and will add your location to their itineraries.) The price of the gift does not include the cost of traveling to London. The entire gift will require four to six months for delivery. It is being offered to no more than three readers.

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