5 Patek Philippe Repeaters Sound Off at Robb Report’s Webcast


Patek Philippe and Robb Report presented a live webcast showcasing 12 premier minute-repeater timepieces on August 30, watch collectors and cognoscenti from around the world had a virtual front-row seat. One of horology’s most highly-respected complications, the minute repeater has enthralled enthusiasts since the 1700s (eliciting timely tones of reference before artificial illumination allowed watches to be read in the dark) and remains the clarion call of a manufacture’s mastery.

In anticipation of the event (taking place at 3 pm EST), we presented a preview of five minute repeaters that Patek Philippe will be sharing and comparing from its U.S. headquarters in New York City—each as delightful to listen to as look upon. (robbreport.com/firstlook)