6 Brands Spearheading the Sapphire Watch Case Trend

From Richard Mille to Hublot, it is crystal clear that these brands are at the vanguard of sapphire case construction…


For an industry so steeped in tradition, watchmaking is certainly no stranger to fads. And like high frequency movements and silicon components before them, sapphire cases are the dernier cri for manufactures looking to showcase their advanced watchmaking capabilities.

Although synthetic sapphire has long been the material of choice for wristwatch crystals due to its extreme hardness and scratch resistance, brands were hesitant to attempt to use it for an entire cases because its brittleness means that even a slight error during the manufacturing process can result in breakage, rendering the entire piece unusable.

But when everything falls perfectly into place, the effect created by a sapphire case is truly extraordinary (though the uninitiated may at first think it is made from plastic), revealing heretofore hidden dimensions of movement construction and finishing.

Here we present six of our favorite watch brands producing timepieces with sapphire cases.