7 Watches with Beauty and Brains

High-end watchmakers are embracing cutting-edge technology in their own sophisticated way…


To aficionados of fine watchmaking, “luxury smart watch” may sound like an oxymoron. And yet the category, once considered nothing more than a collection of glorified activity trackers, is starting to see some real traction. Apple, which released the second version of its Apple Watch in early September, may no longer be selling the 18-karat-gold style that retailed for as much as $17,000, but a number of Swiss makers have stepped in to fill its place with more affordably priced models that seamlessly marry tradition and modernity. Taking their style cues from their analog predecessors, the latest connected timepieces make clear that despite centuries of watchmaking heritage, the Swiss are ready and able to evolve. Robbreport.com highlights five new smart watches worthy of the luxury label, and two accessories that add smarts to classic timepieces.