A Case for Variety: 5 Women’s Watches with Quick-Changing Strap Options

Versatility is the name of the game with this new trend in women’s watches.

Colorful watches with gold and silver cases

Of the many trends to circulate in ladies’ watches this year, the biggest by far was the integration of quick-change strap systems to make women’s watches more versatile. Gone are the days of taking your watch to the watchmaker for something so simple as a strap change; now, countless brands have created their own versions of a quick-release, ensuring that coordinating a watch with a pair of shoes or handbag is easy as pie.

While this list could safely go on for miles, we took a few key considerations into account before something made the cut—in particular, sturdiness of the mechanism and ease of execution. Trust us when we say that not all quick-change straps are created equal.