Front Runners November 2015: Growth Pattern

The storied Italian menswear brand Luciano Barbera ( has been a favorite since its founding 44 years ago. Founder and chairman emeritus Luciano Barbera, the son of a textile-mill owner, is perhaps best known for his stylish mix of fabrics in varied patterns and colors, and since 2009 his daughter Carola Barbera has been designing […]

Magnificent Mavericks

Trailblazing designers push the frontiers of menswear this season with hardy, well-built clothing crafted for the rugged individual who favors durability and comfort—especially when they are harnessed to a bold personal statement. This slightly defiant spirit is expressed in sturdy topcoats, leather jackets, and blazers whose brash lines and daring details emphasize the breadth of the wearer’s shoulders and […]

L.B.M. 1911 Unveils Spring Summer 2014 Collection

With its Spring/Summer 2014 collection, L.B.M. 1911 remains loyal to its high quality standards and continues to be innovative in its ongoing research of new fabrics and treatments. The iconic slim-fit blazers are reinvented this season in a variety of fabrics and patterns. From the floral and geometric motifs printed on the reverse of the […]

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