The Essence of Attraction

In 1952, Marilyn Monroe told Life magazine that her bedtime attire consisted of Chanel No. 5 and nothing else. With that famous remark, the Hollywood star turned the spotlight on the fragrance, which the Russian perfumer Ernest Beaux had created for Chanel in 1921 using a complex blend of aldehydes and floral notes, including May […]

Modern Marvels

Traditional diamond jewelry, move over: The latest designs display the age-old stones in ways fresh and sometimes edgy. From ethereal pieces that appear to float on the skin to bold creations that command attention, these of-the-moment masterworks are highlighting the versatility of the world’s most popular gemstone—and earning a place beside their esteemed classical counterparts. […]

Front Runners November 2015: Ode to Coco

Chanel Fine Jewelry’s latest collection, Les Talismans de Chanel (, celebrates Coco Chanel’s affinity for flowers, pearls, Byzantine style, and more. At once bold and playful, the adornments are an homage to the legendary designer, who possessed a unique ability to combine wit, style, and craft in grand jewelry. The Fascinante white-gold bracelet (shown; price upon […]

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