When Death reminds you to Live.

No-one could ever accuse Kostas Metaxas of creating something “boring”. Yet again, this eccentric artist presents us with his unique take on a very utilitarian subject – the headphone amplifier. Combining a historic art oevre – “memento mori” , contemporary sculpture with cutting-edge technology, his latest MARQUIS “Memento mori” is a sublime, minimalist Preamplifier-Headphone amplifier […]

Front Runners December 2015: Thinning the Heard

At less than 1 nanometer, the diaphragm of the HiFiMan HE1000 planar magnetic headphones (hifiman.com) is the thinnest ever made. An asymmetrical magnetic circuit powers the diaphragm and helps eliminate virtually all sonic distortion. The headphones, which are priced at $3,000, also feature an open-back design and ear-cup grilles made from lightweight alloy. They deliver […]

Front Runners December 2015: Waxing Moon

The HiFiMan HE1000s and other high-quality headphones cannot perform at their intended levels when plugged directly into an iPod or a system with insufficient amplification or signal conversion. The Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD (simaudio.com) is a dedicated headphone amplifier, line-stage preamplifier, and digital-to-analog converter all in one, and it delivers premier-quality audio signals with […]

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