Private Preview 2015: Final Approach, Finally

A new aircraft’s path from inspiration to design to production can be long. Honda Aircraft Co. president and CEO Michimasa Fujino can attest to this. He began developing the design of a light business jet in 1997 while working with Honda R&D Americas, a U.S.-based division of Honda that develops new vehicles. His efforts would […]

Pilot’s Delight

A number of highly anticipated personal aircraft appear to have survived the recession and are moving through their certification processes and toward production. Two personal jets (formerly known as very light jets), the HondaJet and the Eclipse 550, are almost ready to enter service. A third, Cirrus’ Vision SF50, has been revived by the company’s […]

HondaJet’s Much-Anticipated First Release

HondaJet ✪The HondaJet is the shining hope of the personal-jet industry. It has been in the works since 1997, and with the backing of one of the world’s largest carmakers, the $4.5 million aircraft has steadily progressed through development, prototype production, and certification.

Innovative Aviation Options

A range of diverse and innovative products were unveiled at this year’s annual European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition in Geneva. While the market is improving, especially in the United States, the climate is challenging in other regions, like Europe. Thus, competition for buyers is fierce. The manufacturers also must compete against their own earlier […]

Robb Report Private Aviation Sourcebook: Arrivals and Standbys

ARRIVALS | PLANES IN THE PIPELINE When demand for jets plummeted during the recession, aircraft manufacturers delayed development and production of new models. The recession also prompted many jet owners to try selling their aircraft earlier than they had planned, thus flooding the secondary market with high-quality jets, which further hurt the market for new […]