Indoor Furniture

Introducing the Perfect Pig – The NEW CYBEX by Marcel Wanders Hausschwein – both a unique interior design object and convenient storage box

With the launch of its exclusive collaboration with internationally renowned product and interior designer Marcel Wanders, the pioneering brand CYBEX ( makes its first venture into the world of interior design. The CYBEX by Marcel Wanders Collection brings Marcel’s signature touch to a new line of furniture and accessories.  The first item to launch in […]

Metaxas & Sins Premieres Diva Chaise

Ever since another Australian Artist-Designer broke world records at a recent Sothebys Auction, there has been renewed interest in what could be possible with the “dusty” chaise using today’s technology. The Diva is a contemporary chaise from the mind of Kostas Metaxas that is part sculpture and all comfort using a combination of 3-D and body-mapping […]

Malabar’s Nebula Table Evokes the Big Bang

Nebula, the mysterious and glorious mist observed in the distant universe, is brought down to earth in the table top of the Nebula side table. The out-of-space appearance of the pattern is in fact a natural ornament of the Brazilian rosewood that is then formed by craftsmen with the inlay technique of marquetry. Below, the geometric […]

Pop Art Takes A Seat With Collaboration Between Artists Aaron R. Thomas and Yannick Hamon

American artist, designer and furniture maker Aaron R. Thomas has collaborated with French graffiti Pop artist Yannick Hamon on a limited collection of handmade and painted lucite Louis Ghost chairs.  Thomas, whose clients include Louis Vuitton, Philippe Starck for SLS Hotel and Neiman Marcus chose his iconic clear acrylic Louis Ghost chair as the ideal canvas to […]

Game Changer

The versatile Statesman Table has all the right moves. Configured as the elaborate chessboard shown here, the Skolnik-London Statesman Table ( showcases the design and furniture-making skills of company owner Stephen Skolnik. But the table also exhibits his affection for “Victorian engineering and hand-operated mechanical things.” Turning a wheel built into the underside of the […]

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