James de Givenchy

Bright Lines, Dark Metal

An inventive new aesthetic has permeated fine jewelry design—a penchant for sleek silhouettes defined in dark-finished metals and highlighted with boldly positioned, intriguing stones. These elegantly edgy pieces, which range from intricate, diamond-studded spider earrings to a spiked ruby ring, present even the most precious gemstones in daring, spirited configurations that play on contrasts between darkness […]

FrontRunners: Cutting-Edge Creativity

A technique that combines ceramic with gold to produce surprising flashes of color is showcased in some of these rings from James de Givenchy for Taffin (www.taffin.com). Instead of working solely with gemstones and precious metals, de Givenchy prefers to use unconventional methods and materials when crafting his pieces. Examples of his creativity include a […]