Louis Moinet

Louis Moinet Looks to the Stars for Its Latest Model

Louis Moinet received a lot of attention in 2010 for its $4.5 Million Meteoris series, which featured slices of meteorites on four limited-edition watches. Now the boutique watchmaker is at it again with a second celestial timepiece, the Stardance, which features on the moon phase (positioned at 12 o’clock) a fragment of an EH3 enstatite […]

Louis Moinet Creates the Perfect Automaton for an Oilman

Louis Moinet’s Derrick Tourbillon, a limited edition of 12 watches ($280,000), seems expressly designed for a specific customer who owes his fortune to the blessings of petroleum. The automaton on the dial, a moving oil derrick, is driven by a simple tie rod and wheel attached to the movement. The straightforward mechanical nature of the […]

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