Front Runners October 2015: Retro Power

With the release of the new McIntosh MC75 vacuum-tube amplifier (, McIntosh Labs steps back into its history. The New York–based brand, which has made great leaps in digital-music reproduction in recent years, modeled the new amp on the original MC75, a component that has been out of production since 1970. The new model is designed to […]

MC275 Amplifier

Many audiophiles consider amplifiers based on tubes, rather than transistors, to have a warmer, more natural sound. McIntosh’s MC275 epitomizes the retro aesthetic of tubes. This 75-watt-per-channel stereo amplifier has remained essentially unchanged since it was designed in 1961. Special Features: Instead of switching to more modern engraving, McIntosh still die-casts the MC275’s nameplate just […]