Flexing Its Muscle

The parent company of Flight Options acquires Bombardier’s fractional service. The private-aviation industry as a whole seemingly has returned to prerecession form, but one segment was forever altered by the financial crash. “If any part of the industry has changed since 2009, when the market dropped, it’s the fractional world,” says Robb Report Private Aviation […]

Flight Plans

Few, if any, flight-service providers have come out of the recession unscathed. Indeed, a number of once-thriving companies have shut down or minimized their operations (See “Two Sides to the Story,” page 30). But the good news for clients and prospective clients is that the companies that have survived are investing heavily in new aircraft […]

Robb Report Private Aviation Sourcebook: New Fleets Afoot

To remain competitive in the flight-services industry, companies have been updating and upgrading their fleets and expanding their offerings beyond fractional aircraft shares. Here we spotlight the most prominent flight-services providers and the new aircraft they have ordered, as well as the programs and services they have added or amended in recent months. We also […]

NetJets Launches Supplemental Lift Assurance

NetJets, private aviation’s largest fractional-share provider, recently announced its Supplemental Lift Assurance program, which follows the massive purchase agreement the company signed with jet manufacturers Cessna and Bombardier in June. NetJets’ Supplemental Lift Assurance grants flight departments and whole-aircraft owners full access to the NetJets fleet in case of unscheduled maintenance or other short-term issues […]

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