Massimo Bottura’s 11 Favorite Restaurants in Italy

From the truffle-laden north to the anchovy-steeped south, Italy is a paradise for food lovers. And Massimo Bottura, the country’s leading culinary talent and the owner of the Michelin three-star Osteria Francescana in Modena, may know it better than anyone. When Robb Report asked him to name his top 10 restaurants in Italy, he delivered […]

La Dolce Villa

Whether atop a craggy Capriote cliff or amid the vineyards of the Val d’Orcia, an Italian villa vacation is on the bucket list of just about every traveler. To find the best of these storied retreats, Robb Report asked the leading villa-rental agencies for the keys to their most exclusive estates. Here’s what we discovered.  

Floating Feast

A new generation of chefs and winemakers is transforming the Venice Lagoon.  On any given day, the musicians in the dueling café orchestras on Venice’s Piazza San Marco saw away at violins and pound on grand pianos, attempting to lure passersby to the tables with their strident siren calls. The atmosphere is manic, the crowds […]

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