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Collector’s Covet Orbita’s New Cristalo™ Single Watch Winder

Orbita, the world’s largest purveyor of luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches offers serious watch collectors a wide variety of luxury tools to help them maintain and display their cherished timepieces. The North Carolina-based company recently introduced the new Cristalo 1 Programmable winder, aptly-named after the iconic clear soda-based glass invented by Angelo Barovier in […]

Orbita Releases a Modern Age Revolution™ For Fine Watches

Orbita, the world’s largest purveyor of luxury watch winders for both automatic and manual wristwatches, has put a contemporary spin on its popular InSafe series with the introduction of the new Revolution™ 6 winder, which resembles something from the “space age.” The shiny black lacquer case is formed from durable aluminum sheets and then Heliarc […]

Orbita Presents a Six-Shooting Watch Winder

Famous for its large-scale builds for serious watch collectors, the watch-winder manufacturer Orbita has unveiled a modern unit for those with slightly smaller troves of high-end automatic watches. Carolo ($4,995) is a hexagonal box fitted with a winding unit along each of its six sides. Each winder is separately programmable and fitted with its own […]

Gifts of Good Cheer: Timekeepers

Chuck Agnoff’s retirement was short-lived. To celebrate both his 60th birthday and his retirement, Agnoff’s wife gave him a gold Rolex, which Agnoff loved for its aesthetics and craftsmanship but grew to despise for its fickleness. If he left it unworn for more than a day or two at a time, the watch would stop […]

FrontRunners: Watch and See

The German-made Buben & Zörweg Grand Collector Inbuilt ( watch cabinet is equipped with an array of locks and other security devices, but it also employs an unusual deterrent to pilferage: invisibility. The door is a two-way mirror that conceals the cabinet’s contents. Collectors can display their watches by turning on the cabinet’s remotely controlled […]

Döettling’s New Watch Safe Sits Pretty

They say good design transcends the subject matter. German safe maker Döettling seems intent on proving this point by drawing inspiration for its latest watch safe from a chair, of all things. Liberty Barcelona, a relatively compact 300-kilogram (661-pound) safe with 12 internal winders and assorted storage spaces, has a padded leather exterior reminiscent of […]

FrontRunners: Keeping Watch

The Brown Safe Manufacturing Chronos ( is the first watch-specific line of safes from the California company. Plated in military-grade ballistic steel and outfitted with four-way solid titanium locking bolts and a tungsten carbide hard plate, Chronos units can be custom-ordered to include as many as 32 automatic winders, a GPS antitheft system, and carbon-fiber […]

FrontRunners: Security Measures

Despite its lack of heft, the 66-pound Döettling Colosimo ( should not be taken lightly. The German safe-building company bills this 11-inch cube, named ironically for the early-20th-century XXL-sized Chicago mobster Big Jim Colosimo, as the world’s smallest safe. However, the contents of the tiny $23,800 locker are secured by a front-mounted three-digit combination lock, […]

Buben & Zorweg Gets All Wound Up

Echoing the increasing influence of automotive design in fine timepieces, Buben & Zorweg’s Phantom Time Mover watch winder ($6,340) channels the spirit of a sporty roadster. The aluminum case is inlaid with your choice of high-tech carbon fiber or high-polished Makassar ebony for a strikingly sleek unit worth displaying. The interior is appointed with Italian […]

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