Long-Haul Flights Get Easier

New advanced technology is helping take the sting out of long-haul flights to Australia, reducing jet lag and leaving passengers ready to explore their destinations soon after landing.

It’s all about passenger comfort, with airlines investing heavily in research aimed at minimizing the effects of many hours in the sky. Updated aircraft design—including dimmed lights, subtle mood colors, filtered air, and the latest seating technology—ensures that passengers arrive feeling as fresh as possible.

But enhanced aircraft features aren’t the only things that minimize the dreaded jet lag. Other things passengers can do include getting as much rest as possible before a long-haul flight, drinking lots of water, and wearing eyeshades and earplugs.

Avoiding lots of alcohol also helps, but socializing and a nightcap at Virgin Australia’s newly designed bar in ‘The Business’ on the refitted Boeing 777 that operates direct long-haul routes from Los Angeles to Sydney and Brisbane make a great way to spend some time before nodding off.

Light meals also help with jet lag, and the dine-on-demand menu from acclaimed Australian chef Luke Mangan, a feature of ’The Business’, has plenty of healthy options that fit the bill.

Meal choices include dishes such as Moroccan-spiced sweet-potato soup with coriander and almonds for starters; main courses such as ocean trout with tandoori-spiced cauliflower, zucchini, currants, and pine nuts; and a sweet finale of chocolate-and-raspberry mousse cake with fresh berries. An impressive wine list showcases some of Australia’s best drops from boutique wineries.

Another feature of ’The Business’ that helps with jet lag: Cabin Crew provide a Deep Sleep turndown service with large pillows and duvets for passengers as they snuggle down in the spacious and comfortable 80-inch-wide fully flat beds.

Premium Economy, now known as ‘Premium’, has a revamped look with an extra 3 inches of legroom and a new Luke Mangan–designed menu, while in economy there’s an extra legroom zone and passengers can select a range of signature Luke Mangan items.

The Boeing 777s will operate both the Trans Pacific route and between Sydney and Abu Dhabi, providing maximum comfort so travellers arrive as fresh as possible and ready to enjoy the exciting holiday experiences on offer across Australia.