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3 Far-Flung Resorts That Are Worth the 15-Hour Trek

Only a few remote destinations are truly worth the trouble it takes to reach them…

The Brando

When it comes to tropical-island resorts, the most extraordinary destinations are often the most difficult to reach. In Cambodia’s remote Koh Rong archipelago, Song Saa (song​ is a private-island resort that strikes just the right balance between Robinson Crusoe and tropical opulence. The densely jungled 17-acre property features 27 villas, some stilted above the sparkling sea, others perched on the edge of a powdery white beach. On India’s Havelock Island, located between the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, the pristine coastline has evaded reef damage thanks to its isolation. Jalakara ( is a high-design hideaway in the midst of the island’s rain forest, with just six sleek rooms and villas. And in French Polynesia, the far-flung Tetiaroa might have stayed forever a secret if not for Marlon Brando, who purchased the 12-island atoll 50 years ago. In 2014, a decade after the actor’s death, his dream of creating one of the world’s most distinct island getaways came true with the opening of the Brando (the​brando​.com), an extravagant eco-resort with 35 villas, two Guy Martin restaurants, and a naturalist’s laboratory.

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