Feature: Grape Escapes

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Diners in the second-floor

restaurant at Marqués de Riscal’s new hotel in Elciego, Spain, can descend in

one of three elevators—built into the main pillars that support the Frank

Gehry–designed structure—to La Catedral, or the Cathedral. The reverential

term refers to the Rioja winery’s place of worship, its cellar, where visitors

can choose from vintages that date to 1861. The selection procedure, and the

subsequent enjoyment of the wine, completes the immersion process for the

hotel’s guests, who reside in vineyard-view rooms and, by day, tour the bodega

and bottling facility. Opened last fall, the Gehry property is one of several

vineyard hotels that have debuted throughout the world in recent years. And

while only Riscal features a direct link to the divine (and, as shown here,

titanium ribbons in rose, silver, and gold), all of the following hotels offer

true tastes of wine country.

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