10 of the Best Places to Stay during the Rugby World Cup [SLIDESHOW]

In honor of the games, here are some of the finest hotels in London and the English countryside…


The concept of rugby has been part of the English landscape since the 10th century when villagers would congregate to kick and throw a pig bladder into appointed goals. Today’s game is only slightly more civilized, but here at RobbReport.com we feel the Rugby World Cup can still be experienced in a refined fashion. Kicking off September 18 in Twickenham (a town in South West London), the 44-day tournament takes place simultaneously across 13 English cities, many of them small and remote. Keeping this in mind, the editors have compiled our 10 favorite hotels in London and the English countryside to stay at during the Cup. Each hotel is within driving distance to the stadiums and can arrange transportation to and from the matches, ensuring that guests can easily indulge in exceptional food and spa treatments after a full day of raucous cheering.