10 Born-in-the-Eighties Hotels We Still Love

The decade of big hair, Pac-Man, and CDs gave us some of the most luxurious hotels in history…


Some of our favorite things were born in the Eighties: Pac-Man, CDs, Madonna’s music career, Alf. The truly radical decade may be best known for major technological advances and questionable fashion trends, but it also gave birth to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Amanjunkies know that their favorite brand launched in 1988 with Phuket’s groundbreaking Amanpuri; New Yorkers no doubt recall that same year as the opening date of the city’s fabulous Peninsula hotel. Here, we head back in time to explore a decade of high-end properties that, unlike big hair and Jane Fonda workouts, remain every bit as stylish as they were more than 27 years ago.