10 of the World’s Top Surf Resorts [SLIDESHOW]


Every surfer in Western civilization owes a debt of gratitude to First Lieutenant James King of the Royal Navy. It was 1779 and his trip aboard the HMS Discovery had not been smooth sailing after the commander, Captain James Cook, had lost his life while angering the local inhabitants at Kealakekua Bay on the Big Island of Hawaii. The unexpected delay, however, gave King time to observe the native watermen riding waves on large planks, an activity he recorded and reported upon his return. Over two centuries later, surfing spans the globe.

Before summer comes to a close, why not create an epic surf story of your own? (Especially now, since professional Mick Fanning proved that sharks can’t take a punch.) In honor of those Hawaiians who first shared their sport of kings, and the haole who brought it home, here are 10 of our favorite surf destinations and the righteous resorts that will keep you stoked—just be nice to the locals.