5 Luxury Resorts Offering a True Farm-to-Table Dining Experience

From South Africa to Tennessee, these farmhouses bring chic design and homegrown flavor to the table.

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By now, it’s clear that farm-to-table is no fleeting trend. The demand for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients is here to stay—and hotels are taking note. But while many properties are simply patronizing nearby farms and farmers’ markets, a few exceptional retreats are going the extra mile by growing their own fruits, herbs, and vegetables, and even raising their own livestock, to ensure that every aspect of every meal is fresh, local, and utterly wholesome. Of course, these are no ordinary farms, offering guests upscale accommodations, tranquil spas, and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Read on for five of the world’s best luxury farm hotels offering an authentic farm-to-table experience—and so much more.