The Robb Report Luxury Guide to Bermuda

20 reasons to love Bermuda, from the America’s Cup to Bermuda shorts…


Marooned in the middle of the North Atlantic, far from the hubbub of the Caribbean, Bermuda seems impervious to trends. The British overseas territory’s sherbet-colored beach cottages, 17th-century colonial town, and signature attire are the epitome of seaside civility—and staidness. Lately, however, a wave of change has swept through the pink-sand paradise, bringing with it new resorts, restaurants, marinas, and more. “I think we got complacent in the 1980s,” says developer Kevin Petty, who is working with Michael Douglas to relaunch the actor’s family cottage colony, Ariel Sands, as a resort. “But everything has its cycle, and things are now on the way up.” The primary impetus for this escalation is the America’s Cup, the world’s most prestigious regatta, which is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors in May and June. But travelers will be able to experience the new Bermuda—and its timeless charms—long after the final race for the Auld Mug.