The Ultimate Connoisseur’s Guide to Mexico City

15 delicious reasons why Mexico City is the world’s newest culinary capital…


It’s been 17 years since chef Enrique Olvera transformed traditional Mexican cuisine into something electrifying and new with his Mexico City restaurant Pujol. That jolt of creativity catapulted the Mexican metropolis into new territory, where today organic farms on the outskirts are adapting Aztec techniques and innovative new restaurants and nightspots are opening in the heart of the city. “The culinary scene is exploding,” says Bertha González Nieves, a cofounder of Casa Dragones artisanal tequila. “The influence it’s having all over the world with flavors, spices, ingredients, seafood—it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.” To truly understand this epicurean evolution requires an itinerary that gets to the root of what inspires Mexico City’s most innovative chefs. ¡Vámonos!