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Taste This: The Pot-au-Pho at Montmartre

The Montmartre chef Tien Ho has taken the traditional Vietnamese pho and transformed a simple street soup into something truly epic.

This version is presented in a bowl filled with a massive Pat LaFrieda–sourced short rib sliced on the bone, delicate sirloin, carrots, leeks, and classic touches like Thai basil and hoisin. After the ingredients are displayed, they are flooded with the savory oxtail broth, which is ceremoniously poured at the table. Naturally, even a perfectly prepared soup of short rib, beef, and oxtail would not be complete without a healthy slab of bone marrow to accompany it.

The dish is meant for two and will easily satisfy a pair of diners—but go with an appetite and have a feast of your own. We recommend pairing this dish with the Memorial Union Old Fashioned, an inspired combination of rye, brandy, and maple-infused Grand Marnier with several dashes of spiced-cherry bitters.

158 8th Avenue, New York