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Thoughts On Taste with Hugh Jackman

These days, with the advent of social media, it’s pretty easy to feel like you know most Hollywood celebrities . . . at least more so than you ever could before Mark Zuckerberg came along. Some A-listers keep up-to-date personal pages on sites such as Facebook and Google-plus; and most, it seems, are vocal on Twitter. Take Hugh Jackman, for instance. A quick scan of his social media pages reveals plenty about his character as well as a brief glimpse into his personal preferences.

The 45-year-old Aussie is outspoken in regards to his love of food, for example, posting photos of special dinners at Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan and Jiro Ono’s three-Michelin star sushi restaurant in Tokyo. “Food really is one of my great loves,” he says. “I'm a massive coffee and tea addict . . . cigars on occasion.” Jackman also shares insights into his upbringing, explaining that his father once told him that “losing your temper is a self-indulgent act.”

On the topic of indulgences that won’t bring a stern lecture, we caught up with Jackman to ask him just what constitutes living the good life.

On Accommodating His Fans

“I was brought up in a way where you treat people with respect,” Jackman says on his various social websites, “So it's certainly easier for me to be polite and respectful to people.”

As we recently learned, that approach was on display over the summer. “I was on the beach, and a guy was like ‘Yo, you’re Hugh Grant!’” the actor recalls.

“Uh, no, sorry mate,” Jackman told the beachgoer. “[That’s] not me.”

“No, you’re Hugh Grant... Wolverine!” the fan insisted. “That was all twisted up in a way I didn't know how to fix,” Jackman says of the incident.

Bucket List Priorities

On the topic of an unfulfilled desire, Jackman needs little time to think. “Skydiving,” he whispers, leaning closer so nearby producers won’t catch ear of it. “But that's not an easy thing to convince insurance companies to allow me to do. I'd also like to do a really massive bike ride through France. I'm [just] waiting for my son to get old enough.”

Cocktail of Choice

Jackman, a New York City resident, doesn’t hide the fact that he loves the city in which he lives. If you should bump into him one night and want to buy him a drink, you can’t go wrong with a Negroni. In fact, when he’s craving a great cocktail, you’ll most likely find him in the West Village. “The Negroni at Jean-Georges Perry Street is my favorite; I know far too much about the bartenders there,” he says with a laugh.

What makes the restaurant’s take so memorable? According to the resident barkeep McDaniel Wyatt, the cocktail starts with “a block of ice shaved down with a fish knife to exactly fit the rocks glass.” From there, Wyatt pours Greenhook—a Brooklyn American dry gin—Campari, and Antica vermouth; gives it a stir, and garnishes the glass with an orange twist.

As for the well-known, Australian regular, Wyatt says that Jackman enjoys his libations slowly. And as the actor reveals next, he also knows his limits.

All Things in Moderation

“I'm a pretty moderate person,” he says. “Even in my youth, when everyone was getting crazy and running around at 4 a.m., I was the guy going ‘You know what? I'm done.’”

And so are we.