Car of the Year 2017 | No. 9: Rolls-Royce Dawn

While our judges seemed to agree that the convertible Dawn is the most attractive car in the Rolls-Royce lineup, the gorgeous drop-top may have been the most polarizing Car of the Year contestant. Some judges called its opulence tasteful and understated; others felt it attracted too much attention. For Russ Faulk, the Dawn, even with […]

Car of the Year 2017 | No. 10: Bentley Bentayga

The Bentayga grants the wishes of drivers who have been clamoring for a $300,000 SUV. Its serious off-road capabilities, impressive on-road performance, fastidious fit, and luxurious finish make this the SUV to beat. In typical Bentley fashion, the brand has ladled on opulence with a herd’s worth of quilted leather, handlaid veneer, and sumptuous carpets. […]

Car of the Year 2017 | No. 12: Nissan GT-R

At least one judge was surprised by the GT-R’s performance, given the brand that builds it. “A Nissan does this? Cool,” said Betty Fix. Yes, Nissan—the company that offers the sensible Sentra sedan and Quest minivan—produces a vehicle that runs in elite supercar company. Powered by a 565 hp 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V-6, the all-wheel-drive GT-R […]

Car of the Year 2017 | No. 13: Cadillac CT6 Platinum 3.0TT AWD

The problem with platinum is that without close examination, it’s easily mistaken for stainless steel or some other quotidian material. Such is the challenge faced by Cadillac. Despite a decade of fine offerings, including the CTS-V, the marque suffers from a made-in-Detroit stigma. That’s a shame, because, as a few of our judges recognized, the […]

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