A Better Way of Flying Privately

A “smart alternative” to fractional ownership and jet cards emerges in XOJet’s new private-aviation programs

Established business models that were gold standards in 2007 are competing with more innovative concepts that reflect changing buying patterns. San Francisco-based XOJet, which owns and operates North America’s largest charter fleet of super midsize business jets, is a great example of how fresh ideas can change an industry.

XOJet has created a value-focused alternative by combining the best elements of charter with fleet ownership. “When you buy an eighth of a share of an aircraft in a fractional program, you could well write a $2 million check,” says Bradley Stewart, XOJet CEO. “The airplane declines in value rapidly and you’re also committed to an expensive management program.”

At the other end of the spectrum, safety standards in the on-demand charter industry are inconsistent. Many smaller operators also do not have the resources to offer guaranteed availability to clients.

Stewart says that XOJet has created a “smart alternative” for private aviation. “We offer the best of both models,” says Stewart. “We maintain and operate our fleet like a fractional provider, offering guaranteed availability. We don’t require an asset purchase, so there is no heavy investment required.”

XOJet’s fleet of Citation X and Challenger 300s are maintained to rigorous standards, while the company also hires and trains its owns pilots. Its customized programs solve specific travel needs, rather than offering a one-size-fits-all jet card.

Preferred Access provides the flexibility of a debit card, including a special 4% reward, while offering priority access to its fleet. “We built dynamic pricing into this program to save money by changing airports, aircraft types and departure dates,” says Stewart. “It’s a simple, smart way to fly. You draw on funds when you want to fly. The funds never expire.”

Elite Access guarantees flights with as little as 12 hours’ notice with fixed hourly rates. “Clients receive an all-inclusive, locked-in hourly rate,” says Stewart. “That’s something no other operator offers.” XOJet’s dedicated Aviation Advisors are trained to deliver detail-oriented service to clients, including ground transportation. Complimentary catering on all flights is standard.

XOJet Enterprise, which has become the program of choice for many Silicon Valley firms, is custom-designed to fulfill corporate flight needs. “We work carefully around each client’s requirements,” says Stewart. “Our standards are so high that we keep profiles of each client that note their travel preferences.”

One of XOJet’s strengths compared to many competitors is potential recovery time. Every jet can be replaced by another in the fleet, so clients are assured of guaranteed availability. The company has also developed Preferred Partners with 1,000 aircraft for other travel needs.

 “Our programs are much more flexible, with more options,” says Stewart. “We’ll continue to march to the drum-beat of improved service and building great relationships with our clients.” 

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