Veteran Private Jet Company Injects Fresh Ideas and Growth into Business Aviation

Industry leader XOJet pioneers new ways to inject value into business aviation

Private aviation has seen significant changes in the last decade, with traditional models like fractional ownership, charter and jet cards being supplemented by other value-focused programs. Among industry leaders, XOJet has developed new ways for corporate and private travelers to access private jets less expensively, without compromising safety.

The San Francisco-based company is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, reporting record growth and sales. It has undergone a remarkable transition in the last five years from a struggling aircraft fleet owner to the third-largest private aviation company in the U.S.

“If you worked here five years ago, you wouldn’t recognize us now,” says Bradley Stewart, XOJet CEO. “Every part of XOJet has been transformed, with new programs and a reinvigorated sense of mission.”

“Take Command” has become the mantra at XOJet, for both clients and staff. XOJet’s fundamental mission, according to Stewart, is to ensure that clients get the program that best suits their specific needs. “We’ve challenged our clients to look at their buying habits,” he says. “Don’t buy into a fractional or card program because you’ve always done that. Instead, decide what you need and then go after that. ‘Take Command’ is all about taking responsibility.”

XOJet has witnessed a significant shift among clients, who are moving from the heavy investments of fractional ownership to charter, which requires no capital outlays. XOJet provides a superior alternative to traditional charter because it owns and operates North America’s largest floating charter fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X super midsized jets. It also works with a Preferred Partner network that has more than 1,000 jets of different sizes.

“Beyond aircraft, we’ve developed programs for clients to suit their specific situations,” says Stewart. Elite Access, XOJet Enterprise and On-Demand charter all have specialized features for corporate and leisure clients. XOJet’s Preferred Access is its most popular program, with a dynamic pricing model to benefit clients willing to travel during non-peak periods or on lighter air-travel days.

“Flexibility and consistency are built into Preferred Access,” says Stewart. “Clients gain priority access on our fleet, even on peak travel days, but they can also maximize value by changing airports, aircraft type or time of departure. Smart air travelers have really grasped the advantages.”

Many have also gravitated to XOJet’s Elite Access program, with guaranteed access to aircraft, without the up-front capital costs, fees and risks of aircraft ownership. “We’ve redesigned the program with an all-in rate of $8,500 that will go head to head with many fractional companies,” says Stewart. “But we deliver up to 20% savings over their programs.”

As XOJet celebrates its 10th anniversary, Stewart is proud of what the firm has become, including its fleet and record growth. “What pleases me most is how our new ‘Take Command’ philosophy has become so much of who we are,” he says. “‘Take Command’ is about entrepreneurial spirit, no matter what your job title. All employees, from pilots to Aviation Advisors, are tasked with making sure each flight is the best it can be. Clients tell us all the time that we’re making a difference. That’s what has made us unique in the industry.”

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