XOJET Offers Aircell Gogo Text & Talk Across Entire Fleet

OCTOBER 25, 2013

XOJET, Inc., a leader in private aviation, announced on October 21, 2013, that its fleet of Bombardier Challenger 300 and Cessna Citation X business jets will feature Gogo Text & Talk, allowing passengers to use their own smartphones – with their own mobile numbers – for calling and texting in flight. Provided by Aircell, the world’s leading provider of airborne communications, the service will be available on all XOJET on-fleet flights starting in December 2013

This technology provides a natural evolution of XOJET’s world-class offerings, including high speed Wi-Fi on every business jet. With Gogo Text & Talk, XOJET will become the first business aviation operator to offer smartphone capabilities on every on-fleet flight in the Continental United States. This technology transforms the airplane into a true mobile office, revolutionizing business travel as we know it.

“For the first time in history, business travelers will experience a true boardroom in the sky, with all the connectivity they enjoy on the ground,” explains Shari Jones, Chief Marketing Officer of XOJET. “Aircell’s Gogo Text & Talk service will allow a seamless communications transition from ground to in-flight, maximizing efficiency to the highest degree. This is the future of business aviation, and we are proud to blaze this trail.”

Currently, Aircell’s Gogo Biz service provides XOJET fliers with a mobile Internet experience while they fly. Passengers are able to use any Wi-Fi enabled devices including laptops, netbooks and smartphones to access the Internet in flight. With the addition of the Gogo Text & Talk service, passengers will now experience all the native features of their smartphone such as access to contact list, hands-free devices and call history.


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