Recognized as one of the finest in the industry, our safety program begins with our people and a shared commitment to safety and a philosophy that safety and quality-of-service go hand-in-hand. We have created an entire safety organization that reports directly to the CEO. With comprehensive safety, reliability, quality assurance, and quality control teams, we took the best practices of commercial airline carriers and applied them to private aviation.

Our safety team has created a comprehensive safety and quality management system called XOPS. XOPS integrates proven technologies to create an innovative system that assures that our pilots, maintenance, and flight operations professionals have critical information in minutes instead of weeks or months.

In an industry that is often still largely paper-based, XOPS tracks and analyzes compliance and safety issues raised anywhere in the company, anywhere in the world and provides decision support and predictive analysis and elevates issues all the way up to the CEO if needed. Such extensive integration and analytical capabilities are rare among private aviation operators.

XOPS encompasses every aspect of passenger safety—fleet, crew, flight operations, and maintenance.

XOJET Private Aircraft Fleet

We offer the largest floating charter fleet of super mid-size private jets. We own and operate our fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X super mid-size private jets, giving us control over every aspect of their on-board systems and ongoing care and maintenance. We've also selected as partners the best ARG/US Platinum-rated operators of small- and large-cabin private aircraft available.



In addition, every super mid-size private aircraft in our fleet has Wi-Fi and high-speed Internet connectivity—which means our crews maintain real-time data connectivity during flight.

Highly Experienced Private Flight Crews

Our private jet aircraft pilots are highly experienced: on average, our captains have more than 7,800 flight hours. And although we hire the best, we invest in making them even better with 300 hours of thorough, customized, scenario-based training developed expressly for XOJET in partnership with CAE SimuFlite, the leading trainer of professional pilots worldwide.

Every subsequent year, we require an additional 150 hours—far above FAA requirements and industry norms. In addition, our private jet flight crews carry iPad-based electronic flight bags which, using our on-board Wi-Fi, enables them to stay in real-time communications with our flight operations team.

Private Flight Operations

We based our flight operations components of XOPS on military standards, creating a multi-dimensional risk-assessment process adapted from the U.S. Air Force.

With standards far exceeding those required by the FAA, XOPS risk-assessment process takes all available information into account, requires sign-off from multiple people before every single mission, and creates a valuable situational-awareness tool for our pilots.

Private Aircraft Maintenance

By owning and operating our entire fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X private aircraft, we can ensure that the highest maintenance standards and procedures are routine. Our XOPS system automatically analyzes current information for patterns of conditions or performance that are likely to impact operations—both positively and negatively. Trends are able to be viewed and analyzed and alerts generated on any issues requiring immediate attention and preventative maintenance issues identified and addressed as early as possible. Advertisement

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