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The Professional Household Management program (Approved and regulated by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission) and Social Decorum Academy are designed to prepare participants for the expectations of today’s business world and elevated lifestyles. Both programs combine lecture and real-world experience at the hands of seasoned professionals for a comprehensive and valuable education.

The Social Decorum Academy (SDA) is tailored for the rising business professional, diplomat or anyone who wishes to strengthen leadership skills, learn the finer points of international etiquette and understand the nuances of social situations. The SDA offers a variety of instruction in the areas of international protocol, dining skills, etiquette and more in both a classroom and social settings.
The Professional Household Management (PHM) program is designed with both the student and employer in mind to create a well-run and secure estate. This course includes household and travel protocols as well as international etiquette, event planning and security in addition to building leadership skills and sharpening decision-making proficiency. Additional topics covered are household administration, security and medical, wardrobe, property and grounds, personal care, entertaining and global etiquette to round out a top-rated education.

  Our Expertise

Leading the team of professionals is Fitzgerald Heslop, Program Director and Lead Instructor. Mr. Heslop, also known as Fitz, has a strong background in excellence and experience. He has worked in both private industry and government as a personal assistant to high-level personnel as well as being the head concierge at a noted luxury hotel. His vast experience, eye for detail and high-level of professionalism has earned him the title of ‘Ambassador of Service’ by those who have worked with him.
Mr. Heslop is also responsible for instructing the Enlisted Aides PHM Certification program, which is designed specifically to train and certify individuals throughout the Department of Defense as professional household managers. Through Front Range Training, LLC, over 100 Enlisted Aides have graduated from this program.

Additionally, the support instructors all have extensive experience in their fields and are committed to providing quality training and preparedness.

  Real-World Experience

In addition to classroom lectures, both programs enrich the instruction with intensive real-world experience. These hands-on tutorials range from dining and social events to household and security situations and help to build not only a strong platform of knowledge but confidence and authority.
The PHM program, while instructed at the all new global headquarters of Vanquish Worldwide in Maryville, Tennessee, also includes direct experience in an actual household setting located in nearby Friendsville. An actual employment experience can very likely involve a home that, while luxurious in nature, will most likely be found in a remote area much like this beautiful 4,738 square foot home. Designed specifically for household management training, this offsite training is one of the many enhanced offerings this program provides.
SDA seminars are provided at prestigious dining locations such as Club Leconte in the vibrant downtown area of Knoxville, Tennessee. With a high-rise view of the city overlooking the Tennessee River, this distinguished club serves as a primary location for business and social entertaining.

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