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Munnu the Gem Palace

Aquamarine is a color that, just by its vibrant nature, transports us to the beaches of the Mediterranean, the Caribbean . . . just pick your beach. The gem shines bright in these earrings by Munnu the Gem Palace. On its base, violet iolite and gold frame the subtle figure of a bird with lifted […]

Nikos Koulis

Nikos Koulis never ceases to surprise us. The Greek designer’s new Universe collection contains a world of chic, Art Deco–inspired designs. Koulis plays with starry diamond fringe in these 18-karat white-gold earrings.

Colette Jewelry

This chandelier-like pair of 18-karat black-gold earrings by designer Colette Steckel moves delicately, highlighting white diamonds, pearls, and emeralds with every turn of the head. Their gently twisting construction is reminiscent of a modernist Calder mobile ($8,000).

Todd Reed

Todd Reed’s fascinating juxtaposition of naturalistic roughness and elegance is on full display in this one-of-a-kind necklace, which spotlights five oval-shaped pieces of rough aquamarine against a delicate curtain of brilliant and princess-cut diamonds strung on 18-karat yellow gold ($76,330).


Designer Coomi Bhasin captures the vitality of summer in a tropical locale with these Bali Three Drop earrings, which suspend trios of blue lace agate carved to appear like downturned calla lilies. A 20-karat gold fringe of sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds gracefully hangs from each blossom ($19,500). Can you feel that Balinese breeze yet?

Ileana Makri

These drop earrings by Ileana Makri are a captivating visual and tactile experience. Their 18-karat yellow-gold fringe is reminiscent of wind-whipped meadow grass and breeze-buffeted palm fronds ($6,965).

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