Furnishings: Cutting a Rug

Modern rugs are not new. Rugs woven by artists are not new, either—Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein have all tried their hand. But Christopher Farr and Matthew Bourne are at the forefront of a modern rug movement that is sweeping aside the traditional Aubusson and Oriental carpets. Taking center stage in best-dressed rooms are […]

Best of the Best 2002: Home & Design: Best Realtors

The Art of Marketing Architecture In the hands of David Mossler, Michael Deasy, and Crosby Doe, the marketing of exceptional architectural properties has become a powerful tool. Since joining forces in the early 1980s, the partners of the Beverly Hills real estate company have excelled at running ads that marry provocative copy with Julius Shulman’s […]

Best of the Best 2002: Home & Design: Best Interior Designers

Mistress of Discipline Naomi Leff refuses to be pigeonholed by one style. “People live so differently in different climates that everything I do depends on the geography and, obviously, on the personal taste of a client. Working in a variety of styles makes my job much more interesting,” she says. Leff’s diverse portfolio includes the […]

Best of the Best 2002: Home & Design: Best Architects

Site for Sore Eyes “Your neighbor is the enemy—who knows what he’s going to build—so I always tell clients to buy land at the edge of a national park,” says Hugh Newell Jacobsen, who has been practicing architecture from his Washington, D.C., office since 1958. What draws him to a site is a great view, […]

Furnishings: A Job Well Done

Every city has one—a furniture showroom that showcases the new, the cutting edge, and the progressive. A place where you can see the shape of things to come. Chicago has been the beneficiary of two outstanding talents: first, the redoubtable Holly Hunt, and now Thomas Job. Job quit his longtime job at KnollTextiles six years […]

Furnishings: Free Rein

Paul Mathieu named his new furniture collection Bianca after a photographer friend he goes horseback riding with. “She said that the pieces reminded her of a horse’s flank, and that’s exactly it,” says Mathieu. “Like a horse or deer, the furniture is strong on the ground and has a heavy body, but it is light […]