The Robb Report 100 Hotels: Venice Bauer Il Palazzo

During winter’s aqua alta, or high-water season, Venetians forgo designer shoes and instead slosh around their city in rubber boots. Sirens warn residents and visitors to move to higher ground as rising Adriatic tides creep into the streets, often for a few hours each day. Francesca Bortolotto Possati, owner of the Bauer Il Palazzo hotel, […]

Travel: Well-Done in Velden

Perhaps it was the Champagne that put me in the mood to go parasailing. Never in my life had I considered being pulled through the air by a motorboat, but then, never before had I drunk two glasses of Dom Pérignon Vintage 1999 at breakfast. Within half an hour of the meal, one of the […]

Dining: Perfect without Practice

Most hotel visits are like blind dates: An arrangement is made, you may even see a photo or two, but you enter with a sense of uncertainty, hoping for the best. As with love, however, it is often a chance encounter with a hotel that is likely to set your heart alight. So it was […]