Anita Slomski

Breath Tests: In One Breath

Using breath to divine the inner workings of the human body is a practice as ancient as Hippocrates, who described the fetor hepaticus of liver failure that manifested itself in the fishy odor of patients’ exhalations. Other revelations from breath, just as distinctive, are also well known to clinicians: the fruity smell of acetone in […]

Hard to Conceive

On December 28, 1981, two days before his 71st birthday, gynecologic surgeon Howard Jones wrote a news release he hoped he wouldn’t have to use. The first baby created by in vitro fertilization in the United States was scheduled to be born by caesarean section that morning, and Jones and his wife, reproductive endocrinologist Georgeanne […]

The Trouble with Older Fathers

As science has attempted to accommodate women’s desire to prolong their childbearing years, men have tended to worry much less about the ticking of their biological clocks. But new research from Iceland suggests older men don’t get a free pass. In the largest study to date, whole genome sequencing was performed on 78 nuclear families—father, […]

Antidepressants: Somber Questions

More than one in 10 Americans takes one or more antidepressant medications, and for that large chunk of the population, recent events surely have been unsettling. Three books published in 2010 were uniformly damning of the No. 1 type of medication taken by people ages 18 to 44, though each author takes aim at antidepressants […]