The Robb Reader: Romero Britto

A conversation with the neo-pop artist and children’s activist.   Romero Britto’s vibrant style and equally colorful personality have helped him become one of the most successful artists of the modern era. His paintings and sculptures—which combine the principles of pop art, cubism, and graffiti—fetch high prices in galleries and at auctions, but his work has […]

Bella on Wheels

A pedal-powered Pininfarina with a prewar pedigree.  A collaboration between the Italian bicycle manufacturer 43 Milano and coachbuilder Pininfarina (pininfarina.com), the Pininfarina Fuoriserie pays tribute to the marque’s formative years in the 1930s. Battista “Pinin” Farina, who founded his carrozzeria in 1930 (the family’s surname was changed to Pininfarina in 1961), created custom bodywork for Alfa Romeos, […]