In his role as Director of Social and Branded Content, Bailey S. Barnard oversees all of Robb Report's social media and its online sponsored and branded content, in addition to spearheading digital content development. He previously served as editor of, and an associate editor for the print magazine, covering the home-electronics, personal-technology, private-aviation, yachting, and craft-brew industries and occasionally writing stories in the automotive, travel, spirits, and dining categories. Formerly, he served as gear editor and a contributing writer for TONEAudio, a web publication focusing on music and high-fidelity audio equipment, and as the editor in chief and creative director of a student-run art and literary magazine at the University of Iowa, where he studied literature, creative writing, journalism, and art history. He has also edited and designed the North American newsletter of an international nonprofit organization. He is an amateur musician and aspiring novelist. He publishes his creative writing on his website,, and he is currently seeking publication of his first novel. Barnard is also an avid cook and proud home brewer.

Air Play

Nearly a decade in the making, the Icon A5 amphibious light-sport aircraft (starting at $189,000) is finally in service and ready to be flown—by new pilots and experienced ones alike—on weekend getaways, lake-hopping excursions, and camping trips. Icon Aircraft, which made its first delivery of an A5 in July, designed the unpressurized, two-seat plane to […]

Eyes and Ears of the Beholder

For this gift, Robb Report has assembled a Bang & Olufsen entertainment system (about $129,000) around the Danish manufacturer’s new flagship loudspeaker, the BeoLab 90. The speaker stands more than 4 feet tall, weighs about 300 pounds, and looks like a cubist sculpture. In addition to a pair of BeoLab 90s, the package includes the […]

Sacred Sound

To the ears of many guitar aficionados, no guitar achieves a more beautiful acoustic tone than the D-45 model that C. F. Martin & Co. produced in the years before World War II. Martin made fewer than 100 examples of the D-45 before ceasing production in 1942. According to Isaiah Evans, director of vintage guitars […]

Front Runners December 2015: Thinning the Heard

At less than 1 nanometer, the diaphragm of the HiFiMan HE1000 planar magnetic headphones ( is the thinnest ever made. An asymmetrical magnetic circuit powers the diaphragm and helps eliminate virtually all sonic distortion. The headphones, which are priced at $3,000, also feature an open-back design and ear-cup grilles made from lightweight alloy. They deliver […]

Front Runners December 2015: Waxing Moon

The HiFiMan HE1000s and other high-quality headphones cannot perform at their intended levels when plugged directly into an iPod or a system with insufficient amplification or signal conversion. The Moon by Simaudio Neo 230HAD ( is a dedicated headphone amplifier, line-stage preamplifier, and digital-to-analog converter all in one, and it delivers premier-quality audio signals with […]

Magic Dragon

The Gift: ❄ DeepFlight’s new 16-foot-long, two-person submersible. ❄$1.5 million Although the new DeepFlight Dragon submersible can dive as deep as 400 feet below the surface of an ocean or lake, it is as easy to operate as any personal watercraft. In fact, because the sub is controlled with a lever and a joystick, maneuvering it […]

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