Barbara Dinerman

Fire & Water: Islands in the Steam

On Jupiter Island, light and airy are the bywords, all the better to view the Intracoastal Waterway and South Florida’s palmy vegetation. Architect Kenneth Miller managed to capture that light in a kitchen that both conforms to the long, narrow property and is in keeping with the Craftsman style of the house. “Designing a kitchen […]

Private Preview 2003: Hard Shell, Soft Center

Eclecticism isn’t what it used to be. Geoffrey Bradfield’s particular brand of eclecticism—sophisticated juxtapositions of 20th-century styles and unexpected combinations of materials—has itself moved into a simpler realm. “I find our age, and the 21st century in particular, parallels my own quest for simplicity,” says the South African–born designer. “Each time I move, I find […]

Home Tour: Ocean Liner Glamour

It began as boxes within a box. To be precise, 35 boxes of what Fredi and Robert Consolo modestly call their “accessories” had to find a home within a contemporary box—a penthouse overlooking Miami’s neon-blue Biscayne Bay. What emerged is a glamorous interior in the profoundly appropriate Art Deco style. Swathed in glossy paneling and […]