Ben Whitworth

Autos: B Is For…

BMW’s new 5 series GT is a rare thing indeed. It is a concept that not only deftly avoids conventional pigeonholing but one that also constitutes its own category. The strategy behind the GT is simple: to deliver a vehicle that combines the load-lugging versatility of an estate wagon with the people-carrying capability of a minivan—all […]

Autos: Speed Diva

Some vocalists give their most electrifying performances during the encore. Such a performer is Lamborghini, whose second Reventón model, the Roadster, dazzles the ears and eyes. Resembling a wingless fighter jet, the Reventón Roadster has taken the automotive stage with a combination of power and precision that makes most other supercars seem like mere members […]

Wheels: America’s Next Top Model

It’s easy to drive right past the headquarters of Farbio Sports Cars, the United Kingdom’s newest—and perhaps coolest—maker of exotic cars. A wooden plaque more suited to a nature reserve than a car-manufacturing plant marks the entrance. But such a subtle sign also seems appropriate, given the facility’s location in the rolling, green Cotswold Hills, […]

Lord of the ’Ring

Armco barriers, tarmac, candy cane–colored rumble strips, and towering oak trees rushed at me as I plunged the Mercedes-Benz SL 63 AMG into the Fuchsröhre, or Foxhole. I squeezed the gas pedal, and the car bellowed as it approached 130 mph. Gravity and a 518 hp V-8 engine combined to slingshot the car toward the […]

Best of the Best 2007: Sports Cars: Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX The latest top model from Scandinavia—the Koenigsegg CCX—could have taken the Best of the Best sports car award based solely on its sex appeal. Its lightweight carbon-fiber dihedral doors swing simultaneously up, out, and over, rendering gullwing and scissor doors passé. Those doors also exemplify the CCX’s depth of engineering, and therein lies […]

Best of the Best 2007: Sports Cars

The $59,890 Lotus Exige S ( may look like a bantamweight in this company of heavy hitters, but make no mistake: This mid-engine racer swings a mighty punch. Key to its phenomenal pace is its weight—or lack thereof. Beneath those composite curves sits Lotus’ advanced bonded aluminum chassis. Incredibly stiff and light—the Exige weighs an […]